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Festive plates

Orders for festive plates must be made with 4 hours before delivery.
Cold food plate (1900g)

boat peppers with cheese and dill, dried raw salami, tenderloin, smoked fillet, pineapple and cheese on toothpicks,ham rolls stuffed with raw vegetables salad, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers
for 4-5 people

Warm food plate (2150g)

cheese balls, stuffed mushrooms, crispy chicken wings, chicken shanghai, liver lyonnaise, garlic sauce
for 4-5 persons

Cheese Plate (1400gr)

cheese, mozzarella, cow cheese, gorgonzzola, brie, white grape, walnuts, apple


chicken breast 350 gr, meat-roll 8 buc, pork 400 gr, pork sausages 250 gr, Grilled Vegetables, Mustard, Hot Ketchup, Garlic sauce

Fish Plate


Sector 1, Sector 6

Depending on the situation of our orders we make deliveries also outside the above area. The delivery cost outside our area can be maximum 15% of the order total value.

The minimum order
Area 1 - 35 RON.
Sos. Grivitei; Cal. Plevnei; Bd. Dinicu Golescu; Bd. Ion Mihalache; BD. Expozitie; Sos. Kiseleff; Str. Turda; Dr. Felix; Banu Manta, Nic. Titulescu; Pajura; Bucurestii Noi; Sos. Chitila;
Area 2 - 65 RON.
Cal. Floreasca; Cal. Dorobanti; Str. Nicolae Caramfil; Str. Alex Serbanescu; Bd. Barbu Vacarescu; Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara; Bd. Lascar Catargiu; Bd. Nicolae Balcescu; Bd. Ion Ionescu de la Brad; Bd. Aerogarii; Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti; Sos. Pipera; Cal. Giulesti; Bd. Constructorilor; Splaiul Independentei; Sos. Virtutii;
Area 3 - 100 RON.
Bd. Ghencea; Bd. Preciziei; Drumul Taberei; Splaiul Unirii; Bd. Timisoara; Bd. Iuliu Maniu; Sos. Stefan Cel Mare; Cal. 13 Septembrie; Sos. Panduri; Sos Odaii